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August 20, 1:00 
Briand Morrison  Jazz Guitar

August 27 6:00
Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra
Music to You! The Sound of Science
Puzzle this...
a flute, a violin, a beaker of water, a slinky!?!

Many events come to you free through arrangements by Babbitt Public Library and the Arrowhead Library System with Minnesota's Arts and Cultural Legacy Funds. 

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In the Gallery:

A Call for Local Artists!
Reserve the Gallery, call 218 827-3345.
Also, watch the Gallery for local student art.

Tuesday Morning Story Time is held at 10:30.
Tuesday Morning Story Time at Babbitt Public Library is designed to develop early literacy skills. Music, movement, art and great children's books mix it up and make it fun.


Pssst! Did you know that the League of MN Cities polled the 2012 State Fair visitors, giving each person 8 beans to "spend" on city services? Here is how people chose to spend their beans:
Clean Water  6,186
Libraries  5,480
Police  5,184
Fire  4,768
Parks & Rec  4,473
Streets & Sidewalks  4,438
Senior Services  4,159
Sewers & Garbage  4,065

So, what's the ROI (Return on Investment) in a MN library?

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If the library is closed and the Municipal Bldg is open, just outside the Library is a table, chair, and outlet for your convenience.